Former Pfizer Top Official Slams Vaccine Mandates as “Crimes Against Humanity”

Hundreds have questioned virtually every policy decision deriving from the deadly pandemic. If these questions contradicted established bureaucratic policy, they were either blocked or denounced as conspiracy theories.

Publicized information about everything from the origin of the virus itself to vaccine mandates has never seemed quite accurate. Regardless of the actual validity of anything professed to be scientific truth, the mainstream media promoted it as such.

Furthermore, the corrupt mainstream media ferociously attacked anyone who questioned government COVID policy. But when that person happens to have 32 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, something is wrong.

Micheal Yeadon is such an expert. Yeadon is an acclaimed expert in allergies and respiratory research. For 16 years, he was the head of Pfizer’s allergy and respiratory research division. Michael Yeadon is someone who knows what he’s talking about.

But since his views didn’t align with the bureaucratic narrative, he was denounced as a radical. He was not. Michael Yeadon was trying to tell people the truth, but he was censored. When the pandemic broke out, Yeadon was an exceptionally vocal critic of lockdowns.

He did not believe that vaccine mandates or mask mandates were necessary policies. Recently, he said that forcing vaccines on people through government mandates was a “crime against humanity.” Yeadon made his claims during an interview for The Epoch Times.

The pharmaceutical expert went on to explain that, “It was never appropriate to attempt to end the pandemic with a novel technology vaccine. In a public health mass intervention, safety is the top priority, more so even than effectiveness, because so many people will receive it.”

Yeadon went on to make his prophetic claim. “It’s simply not possible to obtain data demonstrating adequate longitudinal safety in the time period any pandemic can last. Those who pushed this line of argument and enabled the gene-based agents to be injected needlessly into billions of innocent people are guilty of crimes against humanity.”

These are astonishing claims. The mainstream media have buried the story. Yeadon continues to insist that natural immunity has proven to provide far superior protection without the risks. Yeadon said that he would have withheld the FDA’s issuance of emergency authorization.

His caution would have especially covered children and pregnant women. An alarming number of dangerous side effects have surfaced in these two categories alone. Yeadon insists that there was not enough conclusive data to ever allow either of these to be vaccinated.

He told The Epoch Times that he would never have approved a vaccine for children and discouraged any pregnant mother from getting a shot. Yeadon also says that anyone who had been infected and recovered should have never even been considered.

Virtually every bureaucratic decision spawned by the COVID pandemic was wrong. Lockdowns did more damage than they did any good. Masks never really did work. But the coercing, and in some instances forcing people to inject an experimental drug, was the worst policy.

No one knows how many side effects will emerge. What’s worse, those who acquired natural immunity never needed the vaccine. It was a bureaucratic scam. As time unravels in the post-COVID era, even worse things will be exposed. This was a crime against humanity.

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