Former Saudi Spy Chief Leaks the TRUTH – PROVES Biden LIED To The American People (VIDEO)

Joe Biden has never been on the right side of a foreign policy. His former boss, Barack Obama, had little or no faith in his former vice president. For most of his political career, someone, or something has been able to cover for Joe Biden’s terrible decisions on foreign policy.

However, no one can hide them now. Biden’s total ineptitude has been exposed on a world stage. Joe Biden, his radical policies and his complete lack of international diplomacy, are placing Americans at risk. Our national security is worse than it’s been since the Cold War.

Joe Biden is 100 percent to blame. The former head of Saudi intelligence has publicly said that Biden is letting Americans down. During the last year, the Biden administration has failed to respond to multiple terror attacks on the Arabian Peninsula.

Saudi Arabia also reports that U.S.-Saudi relations have dramatically worsened since Joe Biden took power. Joe Biden publicly embarrassed the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Biden accused him of human-rights abuses without any evidence.

Furthermore, the White House vehemently denied that Saudi Arabia had ignored phone calls from the Oval House. That is a lie. According to sources, Prince Salman intentionally refuses to talk to Joe Biden. This is setting a dangerous precedent.

One key reason is a series of Iran-backed Houthi attacks on the Arabian Peninsula. These terrorist attacks occurred in 2021. Three civilians were killed and six more were injured. The US had failed Saudi Arabia, Prince Turki al-Faisal said.

Speaking to Arab News, the former chief of the Saudi Public Intelligence Department insisted, “The fact that President Biden delisted the Houthis from the terrorist list has emboldened them and made them even more aggressive.”

Prince Turki al-Faisal believes Joe Biden is emboldening terrorist organizations all across the Middle East. Terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda have been rejuvenated by Biden’s horrifically embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is making America more susceptible to deadly attacks every day he’s in office. He has exposed the United States to attacks from rogue nations and dangerous terrorist groups. What will it take for Congress to act, another 9/11?

Joe Biden is a senseless buffoon. His ineptitude has emboldened our most dangerous enemies. Russia’s Vladimir Putin saw him as a spineless coward. It triggered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. What will be next, America in another war? Joe Biden must go before it’s too late.

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