Fox News Host Assaulted At Brooklyn Campaign Event

Pathetic... that's all there is to call this. Sure, lots of people disagree with one another and sure there are some extreme right-leaning folks out there but never, in terms of political views, are there more violent, bigoted, people than the extreme-left.

As Written By Jim Treacher for the Daily Caller:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in 2017 America, it’s that anything you do or say to a woman that she doesn’t like is misogyny. It’s sexism. It’s rape culture. Unless, of course, you really disagree with that woman politically. Then it’s justifiable. She should’ve thought about that before she pissed you off, right?

I don’t know Kat Timpf from The Specialists on Fox News very well, and I don’t always agree with her. But she seems like an honest, thoughtful person. Her sense of humor isn’t for everybody, but I like it. She’s a good TV host and a great writer. So I’m pissed off about what just happened to her. Last night she was scheduled to speak at a campaign event for Ben Kissel, who’s running for Brooklyn borough president. But then this happened:



Kat Timpf Assaulted At Brooklyn Campaign Even | The Daily Caller

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