Fox News Reporter Corners Psaki Over Biden Claim, Proving She Lives in a Fantasy World

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki already has one foot out the door towards greener pastures. She’s due to assume a lucrative role, peddling liberal propaganda for MSNBC. During her time as Joe Biden’s mouthpiece, she’s gained a lot of real-time practice at slinging B.S.

She’s a master at deflecting questions or flat out lying through her teeth. However, many persistent members of the press corps have pressed her for answers to critical questions. Some of these journalists come from the proud conservative voice at FOX News.

At a recent White House briefing, Fox News Correspondent Alexandria Hoff challenged Psaki straight up. She kept pressing the press secretary about Joe Biden’s claim that a majority of Republicans supported the “Ultra MAGA Agenda” proposed by Senator Rick Scott.

The back-and-forth grew increasingly more contentious, mainly because Psaki refused to provide a direct answer. Nevertheless, this is typical Jen Psaki. Her artful ability to dodge a question is supplanted only by her trademark escape maneuver. “I’ll have to circle back on that.”

Psaki simply propagates the same lies her boss spews. Biden announced that Scott’s plan would “raise taxes on 75 million American families.” It will not. But the most contentious part of Psaki’s disrespectful answer was when she was asked about overall support for the plan.

Somehow, Biden and his administration are trying to hoodwink the American public into believing the Ultra MAGA Agenda is a done deal in the Republican Party. It’s not. Biden has been harping that every Republican is on board with Scott’s proposal. They are not.

Psaki has been parroting her boss’s false claims. This is completely the opposite of what Senator Scott himself says. The Florida Senator told FOX News, “That the majority of the party was not in favor of his plan and that he was open to the suggestions of others.”

That doesn’t sound like unanimous agreement within the Republican ranks. In fact, it is 180 degrees the opposite. Even Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell described Scott’s plan as a non-starter. Joe Biden must be confused. That’s clearly possible.

Biden actually thought Scott was a senator from Wisconsin. He’s not. Scott represents the state of Florida. But Psaki can claim the cognitively challenged old man card. She knows the things that come out of her mouth are frequently flat-out lies. But she’s got one thing going for her.

Jen Psaki won’t lose a step when she navigates her way over to the biggest lie-producing news network on the planet. Only rivaled by “fake news” CNN, MSNBC should be categorized as fiction. It’s a perfect landing spot for Psaki, because she lives in a fantasy world.

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