FURIOUS McConnell Unloads on Democrats for Playing Games with Stimulus Package (VIDEO)

Senate Democrats have once again delayed getting financial help out to Americans. This is the second time in just two days.

While Americans are starting to feel the effects of this economic collapse and coronavirus outbreak, Democrats are busy playing games and trying to sneak in stupid and unnecessary measures into the bill that could easily be discussed at a later date.

Senate Democrats on Sunday blocked phase 3 of the Coronavirus economic stimulus bill. The first two phases have already passed

60 votes were needed to pass the bill and with 5 Republican Senators in self-quarantine and missing the vote, it died quickly.

The vote failed at 47-47, so even with the 5 Republicans missing, it wasn't enough.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell switched his vote to “no” at the last minute which allowed a second vote on the bill. But on Monday, Democrats voted it down once again.

“I changed my vote which gives me the opportunity to move to reconsider at a later time. That’s all I can do in the face of obstruction. I can understand obstruction when you’re trying to achieve something. This obstruction achieves nothing,” McConnell said.

This next excerpt comes from the Babylon Bee which is a satire site, but I swear that this is exactly what they're doing

"Rest assured, America, we're working day and night to see how we can expand our unconstitutional powers, reduce individual liberty, and personally profit from this crisis," said one Republican senator. "If there's a liberty somewhere we haven't tried to stamp out, don't worry -- we have good people working on it."

"If there's a constitutional right to be trampled on in this -- we're on it," said one Democratic congresswoman. "All our best people are looking into all the ways we can exploit this crisis for our own gain. We have committees working long hours to see what kind of terrible bills we can slip through while the nation is distracted. Anyone who thinks we would let a good crisis like this go to waste is sorely mistaken."

Congress has also assured the nation that as soon as this crisis is over, they'll be looking for another to exploit.

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