Fusion GPS Hands Over Trump Dossier Docs to Senate, But There is One Problem

The company behind the b.s. "Trump dossier" which claimed President Trump, among many other falsified details, likes to be peed on by Russia prostitutes, has turned over thousands of pages of documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

Fusion GPS is the opposition research firm that created the document. This could get very interesting...

As Written By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

But the documents do not appear to be what the committee was hoping that Fusion GPS and its founder, Glenn Simpson, would provide.

“The committee is reviewing the production received late this afternoon from Mr. Simpson, but virtually all of the documents appear to be merely news clippings rather than records of Fusion’s substantive communications,” George Hartmann, a spokesman for the Senate Judiciary Committee, told TheDC.

The paltry document production escalates the standoff between Fusion GPS and the Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

After Simpson declined an invitation to testify before the committee last month, Grassley issued a subpoena to compel him to appear. But the subpoena was withdrawn after Simpson, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, said he would voluntarily meet in a closed session with committee staff.

A date for that meeting has not been set.

Last month, the committee requested records from Fusion GPS, the Trump campaign, Donald Trump Jr. and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort as part of its investigation into Russian meddling in the election.

The Trump campaign gave the committee 20,000 pages of records last week while Trump Jr. and Manafort produced 250 pages and 400 pages of records, respectively.

The committee is one of three congressional panels investigating Russia-related matters, including the dossier and the June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting held between Trump Jr. and a Russian attorney linked to Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS Turns Over Documents To Senate Pan | The Daily Caller

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