Georgia Republicans Caught in Connection to Firm that Helps Georgia Democrats Run as Republicans

A new report from the Georgia Record has revealed that several republicans involved in the Georgia general election scandal have connections to Landmark Communications.

This firm has allegedly helped multiple Democrats be elected while pretending to be part of the Republican Party.

According to Georgia Record,

Unfortunately, Landmark has a history of helping Democrats get elected running as Republicans. This phenomenon may have contributed to the absolute cesspool of corruption in the Peach State when it comes to the performance of Republican officials during the 2020 election cycle. Some of these candidates have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

We believe there has been a concerted effort among Democrat operatives to do just that – infiltrate the GOP and run ‘progressives’ as Republicans, who are lying about their beliefs and views on the issues. All of the information below is from publicly available information.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger immediately claimed that President Trump had lost Georgia. This was despite dozens of investigations that were ongoing at the time. Landmark Communications represented Raffensperger during his own election campaign.

Georgia’s deputy Secretary of State, Jordan Fuchs, was once Landmark’s vice president. She infamously misled the press about remarks President Trump made in a call with Raffensperger about election fraud. When the full contents of the call became public, the remarks she claimed that he made were nowhere in evidence.

Another so-called Republican, Nazeera Dawood, got caught attending an event called “Tacos, Beers, and Abortions.” Dawood campaigned with Jay Lin, who repeatedly voted against Republican interests despite calling himself a conservative. Lin allegedly paid $65,000 to Landmark for a city council race.

This goes really deep, deeper than the amount of time we have to elaborate on this. Thankfully, there is a video to accompany this and it should prove to be very helpful in understanding the depths of this corruption.

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