Gingrich Says EXACTLY What You've Been Thinking About Anthony Scaramucci

Newt Gingrich made a pretty simple case for the seemingly "outsider" nature of both President Donald Trump and new Communications Directory Anthony Scaramucci today, with an emphases on how President Trump can understand and appreciate his style.

“President Trump is a New Yorker. He and Scaramucci sort of speak the same language,” Gingrich told John Catsimatidis in a pre-recorded interview on AM970 in New York City. “And this way he has somebody that makes him kind of comfortable that he’s getting taken care of.”

“Scaramucci is a natural fighter. He likes being in the media. He likes being seen, and I think he’s having a good time. And I think all of that comes together in a way that is very positive,” Gingrich said.

And isn't that one of the reasons we elected Trump? We were tired of the showboating, basic, career politician. It makes sense that he would appoint people into certain positions who are like he is?

As written for The Daily Caller by Jack Crowe:

Gingrich specified that Trump appreciates Scaramucci’s pointed response to White House leaks and the aggressive style he employs when speaking to the press.

“Scaramucci is an entrepreneur. He’s aggressive. Trump wants somebody willing to mix it up with the news media, get in the middle of the fight, try to get things done,” Gingrich said.

Scaramucci’s straight talking persona has been on full display since Trump appointed him to his new role on July 21. The New York financier vowed to crack down on White House leaks during his first press conference and subsequently suggested, in a since deleted tweet, that chief of staff Reince Priebus was responsible for leaking his financial disclosure forms.

Trump not only failed to condemn Scaramucci’s profane attack on fellow administration officials, he reportedly reacted positively to the publication of Lizza’s New Yorker story. Scaramucci has seemingly escaped retribution for his comments as Trump responded by dismissing Priebus Friday and replacing him with former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly.

Gingrich Says Trump And The Mooch ‘Speak The Same Language’

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