GOOD NEWS! Legitimate Doctor Added to Coronavirus Task Force Who Believes in Science, Not Fear Mongering

It seems that from the very beginning having Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx on the coronavirus task force has been underwhelming to say the least.

We've since learned that Dr. Fauci is just as much of a fear monger as the mainstream media and the Democrats.

He has gone back and forth on positions such as wearing masks, how bad it will get, etc. He refuses to admit that the mass riots in which large crowds are gathering could spread the virus. He is a liberal who is trying to work against President Trump and the American people.

Now, a new doctor was added to the task force and this time it's someone who isn't trying to keep everyone scared and complacent.

Here is the President introducing Dr. Scott Atlas.

Dr. Atlas doesn't believe that we should shut down schools because the science doesn’t support this. Children are at a very low risk of dying from the disease and they are not spreaders. Even the CDC doesn't support it.

Rush Limbaugh said, "It looks like Sweden is over the COVID-19 circumstance. And if that’s the case, then it portends good news for the rest of the world. Scott Atlas is now part of the coronavirus task force meeting with the president. And he is countering Fauci. I have to tell you something, folks, just to show you how pervasive this is."

"…Scott Atlas is a brilliant guy and he thinks by early October that we could well be burned out of COVID. In his opinion, we could see it turn inert. And his reason for this, some underappreciated T-cell, along with prior immunities. I’m not versed enough to understand it, but I’m just repeating to you what he says. We could see by early October COVID-19 turn inert or dormant largely due to some underappreciated T-cell, prior immunities from exposure to coronavirus, meaning colds and so forth, that’s one of the things we’re learning. Some people who have come down with a cold over the course of the summer miraculously end up less likely to get COVID-19, according to Scott Atlas. And people that get colds, that’s a large portion of the population."

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