Here Are Some Great Clips of Snowflakes Shouting At The Sky In Protest Of Trump

The idea of "screaming at the sky" made its rounds on Facebook a few weeks back and it was planned for the anniversary of Donald Trump's huge win over Hillary Clinton. For many Liberals, it is a day that will live in infamy... a day they will never forget.

Remember how worked up they were, how SURE each and every one of them was that Trump could never win? And remember how unbelievably crushed they were as mainstream outlets slowly, but surely, began to announce Trump as the winner?


And the extra-fluffy among the snowflakes decided to protest his win a year later and they did it by, for some reason, screaming at the sky. I wish we were making this up.

It really goes to show how in touch with their feelings they are over anything else and if you ask me that's a big reason why they lost.

Oh and this one!

True crybabies if I ever saw one!

I probably shouldn't get so much joy from the pain of others but let's face it... it's faux-pain. They use their "feelings" to tell them something is wrong when, in fact, their lives have literally, actually, and figuratively, only changed from Trump's win by their own making.

It's all in their minds but they're too weak to realize it.

As reported by Matt Vespa for TownHall:

Yet, for some liberals, November 8 was still a punch to the gut. Some participated in these Facebook-launched events, which occurred in Denver, Philadelphia, New York, and Pittsburgh.

Many millions more did that the day after Election Day. It’s such a childish reaction. Ed Gillespie and the Virginia GOP got trounced in the 2017 elections this week. We didn’t set things on fire and no, I didn’t scream at the sky. And as far as I can tell, we’re still here. Nevertheless, these morons do provide some amazing entertainment.


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