Has-Been Actor John Cusack Trashes America: ‘We Aren’t Great. We’re F-ing Awful’

For someone who has profited from this great, capitalist country of ours (managing to just eke out $50M over an almost 40-year career), John Cusack sure has some surprisingly negative opinions about America.

After going out to see a ballgame, he was apparently triggered by a 'support the troops' ad that displayed on the screens. This led to the actor going on a bizarre rant about supporting the troops means 'they' are funding anti-democratic forces and insurrectionists. Further claiming that supporting the troops somehow means that baseball games support taking away 'black and brown Americans' votes.

Cusack said,

“I was at a ballpark last night. And they did their support the troops ad – that conflate Boeing with troops serving – while supporting the gop – that means funding the insurrection – anti democratic forces – the opposite of what they claim to support – ‘US freedom.' They preach freedom at baseball games – but back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections – abc the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote. Yet they get to wrap themselves in the flag?”

“Had enough yet?” he continued in response to a Twitter user who described Boeing as supporting “highly inflated lucrative government contracts and corporate welfare.”

Surprisingly, his rant wasn't over, as he continued his diatribe about autocracy, decadency, WW2, fascism, and - of course - white supremacy.

He wrapped up this demented Twitter thread by saying that America was 'f**king awful' and 'full of cowards and corporate wh*res' before claiming that Republicans were in a 'deathkkkult'.

"Let’s call the USA what it is – decadent on the fast track to autocracy – living on the atavistic fumes of ww 2 greatest generation Tver [sic] actually took on fascism and beat it down – We can’t even arrest open criminals in gop- nor a mentally ill white supremacist lawless thug."

“We aren’t great – we aren’t even mediocre – we’re f**king awful – full of cowards and corporate wh*res – Boeing gets to take out tax dollars – parade our soldiers – wrap themselves in the flag – while financially backing fascists? We have no leaders – no soul – Just greed.”

"If Republicans enable a nazi - that makes them - what - A f**king deathkkkult"

How lovely.

Photo Credit: Keith McDuffee

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