Here’s What the Media REFUSES To Tell You About the Buffalo Mass Shooting

Any time people die unnecessarily, it is a heartbreaking tragedy. People die in car wrecks. Bizarre accidents terminate lives. There are so many strange ways that people die. However, when someone opens fire on innocent people, there’s an unexplainable level of anguish.

No sane person can indiscriminately gun down other human beings in cold blood. Every single person who commits a mass shooting is deranged. Often, there have been a host of red flags that have been missed.

That’s the situation surrounding the recent life of Payton Gendron. Gendron, dressed in tactical gear, gunned down shoppers at Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York. Payton Gendron is a mentally ill person.

By all accounts, he should have been institutionalized long before he was able to take the lives of 10 innocent people. But the corrupt mainstream media wants us all to believe another narrative about this tragedy.

Payton Gendron is white. All but two of the people he mowed down with his gun were black. Gendron made it perfectly clear his intention was to murder people of color. He made no pretenses about his mindset.

A nation that can address such a scourge of mental illness has a chance to heal. That’s where the narrative should be. But the mainstream media wants to sell the American people a bogus bag of goods.

They want to attack conservatives who believe adamantly in our 2nd Amendment. The mainstream media have completely distorted the true personality and radical beliefs of Payton Gendron. They called him a white supremacist. That may very well be true.

Payton Gendron obviously suffers from serious mental health issues. But the crooked mainstream media is committing what amounts to journalistic malpractice. They are not telling people the truth about this crazed gunman.

They want Americans to believe he is emblematic of conservative Republicans, especially those who strongly support President Donald Trump. Payton Gendron is the total opposite. He is clearly mentally ill but he is a mentally ill progressive liberal.

Gendron even says so. He is a radicalized left-wing whack job. But the mainstream media is so corrupt; they’re trying to portray him as conservative. Gendron’s own manifesto tells the truth, but not a single liberal news outlet is talking about it.

In fact, they’re spewing the complete opposite. A manifesto, written by this crazed murderer talks about his allegiance to the left. Gendron proclaims himself to be a “left-wing green nationalist.” He’s crazy. That’s a given. But he’s more of a Democrat than a Republican.

Payton Gendron is a white supremacist, but he is a progressive left-wing white supremacist. One would suspect that he hates conservatives as much as he hates people of color. His hatred is borne out of insanity. He may not be executed for his crimes, as he should be.

Certainly, after reading much of what this crazy young man wrote about himself, a defense team should have a slam dunk legal case for mental incapacity. Payton Gendron may not receive the death penalty for his horrific crimes, even though he should.

But as well, he should never enjoy another breath of life outside the confines of an institution. He is crazy. But he’s not a crazy conservative like liberals claim. Payton Gendron is an insane “green liberal”. But the mainstream media sure won’t tell us that.

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