Here's What Went Down When An Idaho Court SHOT DOWN Sharia Law

The House in Idaho took up a vote to ban all foreign court laws from being used in Idaho courtrooms. Although not mentioned by name, the bill is obviously written about Sharia Law.

Ya see, Sharia is not compatible with the United States Constitution. There are no equal protections under the law. In New Jersey, a judge found a man innocent of raping his wife because Islamic law says that a husband is entitled to sex with his wife any time that pleases him and the wife has no right to refuse him.

Some conservatives argued that the law is unnecessary because every judge swears to uphold the constitution. But, the truth is a lot judges feel like the constitution is an archaic piece of garbage and tend to show a hard left bias toward it.

The bill passed by a 44-24 vote. The bill now goes to the Senate for a vote. If enacted the bill would mean that any ruling a judge makes that is based on foreign law will be voided. This will hinder activist judges who make rulings based on their ideology rather than the law of the land.

From The Conservative Tribune

The lawmaker who introduced the bill referenced the American Public Policy Alliance as part of his arguments. “Unfortunately, increasingly, foreign laws and legal doctrines, including Shariah law principles, are finding their way into US court cases,” that group explained on its website.

“Reviews of state laws provide extensive evidence that foreign laws and legal doctrines are introduced into US state court cases, including, notably, Islamic law known as Shariah, which is used in family courts and other courts in dozens of foreign Muslim-majority nations.”

Sharia Law is very bad for women because it puts men in complete control of their lives. Women face sexual abuse, genital mutilation and even an honor killing.

In many Muslim countries, Sharia Law prevents women from driving or even leaving the house unaccompanied by a male family member.

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