HUGE BREAKING NEWS! – 132,000 Ballots Likely Ineligible in Key State, Should Shift Win Back to Trump

This is the kind of news that we've been expecting to find in the investigation into this election fraud.

In Fulton County, Georgia, which is the Democratic center of Georgia, there has been a massive development that should shift the election in that state back to President Trump as the winner. Mind you, this is just one county.

132,000 potentially ineligible votes were discovered while combing through the ballots.

The reason that these are being flagged at potentially ineligible is because they all show a change of address. These are often found to be fraudulent which is why they set off a red flag so to speak.

Kyle Becker of the Independent Journal Review and The Daily Wire tweeted,


132,000 "Change of Address" RED FLAGS in Fulton County, GA. These votes are "highly likely ineligible to vote and have moved," per source.

Biden leads Georgia by 10K votes as of last update.

It's enough to be a *gamechanger.*"

Peoples Pundit also tweeted,

"Re: Georgia, which we just began to touch now, there are 132k CoA flags in Fulton County, alone.

Just so everyone understands, and my listeners will, I'll keep going regardless of the results of this particular election.

We're never going to stop until we clean it up."

I don't suspect that this will be the last number that we see like this either. I think we may find potentially over 1 million fraudulent votes that swayed the election to Joe Biden across multiple states.

I've heard people try to make the claim that the reason Biden suddenly surged was because they started counting mail-in ballots which at large would have favored Biden, but this actually wasn't even the case. Even in placed like Wisconsin, Republicans led the count in mail in and early voting by about 43% to 35%.

There is no reason to believe that President Trump legitimately lost this election.

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