Huge Media Kingpin Offers To Buy The Nothing Burger News Network

Imagine a freaking merger of CNN & Fox News! That's nearly unbelievable but it may be true. Both networks combined could easily make a new Debate News Network-esque channel.

According to sources, Rupert Murdoch (yes that Rupert Murdoch) is attempting to buy the Nothing Burger Network, CNN.

Though another source has stated that Murdoch just isn't interested but for us here at Steadfast Clash hope it becomes a reality. I imagine Murdoch would clean house over there and at least get them back to their somewhat-roots where they actually just reported the news instead of "allegedly" false narratives.

As written by ALLAHPUNDIT for HotAir:

If this is fake news, it needs to become real. Find the money somewhere, Rupert.

"According to one of the sources on Friday, Murdoch called [AT&T CEO Randall] Stephenson twice, unprompted, on May 16 and Aug. 8 and on both occasions asked if CNN was for sale. Stephenson replied both times that it was not, according to the source."

"It would not be the first time Murdoch has attempted to take control of CNN."

"Twenty-First Century Fox made an $80 billion offer for Time Warner in 2014 but abandoned the plan in the face of Time Warner’s resistance. At that time, Fox had planned to divest CNN – which competes with Fox News – in order to avoid antitrust issues."

Another source told Reuters that Murdoch had “zero interest” in the network. Normally the idea of him purchasing CNN would be preposterous on its face, as putting two of the big three cable news networks under common ownership would create obvious monopoly fears. Any other administration would nuke the idea on sight. But an administration led by a man who despises CNN, whose biggest cheering section resides at Fox, and who’s personally acquainted with Murdoch?

I don’t know. Would you bet a mortgage payment that the Trump DOJ would block a News Corp acquisition of CNN? Grocery money? I might put a ten-spot on it. Might.

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