Hulk Hogan Expresses Suspicion About How Betty White and Bob Saget Really Died

America recently lost three of our most beloved actors. The iconic Betty White died recently. While she was 99-years-old, some insist that up until recently she was in good health. White’s cause of death was reportedly from a stroke.

We also lost a famed comedian and the star dad from the hit TV sitcom, “Full House”. Bob Saget was discovered unresponsive by hotel staff while staying at the Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, Florida. Initial records say Saget died in his sleep. But, no cause of death has been recorded.

Another Hollywood legend died within the same week. Oscar Awards-winner Sidney Poitier died at the age of 94. There is some indication Poitier had been suffering from ailing health for some time. Strangely, however, official sources have yet to release Poitier’s cause of death.

If these three deaths have you scratching your head, you’re not alone. While a delay in the official recording of a cause of death is not uncommon, in the “age of COVID”, it starts to make people wonder. If in White’s case, the stroke report has a few people curious.

There are a number of staunch conservatives pointing out how potentially dangerous vaccine side effects are being buried. Some believe that is what’s happening in all three of these deaths. Respected conservative voice Candace Owen has specifically questioned Bob Saget’s death.

All that the coroner released concerning the death of Saget was that it was not due to drugs or foul play. However, they insist it may take up to 12-months for a final determination to be made. Suspicious, you say? Candace Owen thinks so, too.

The Director of autopsy services at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center Dr. Patricia Allenby likewise says Poitier died of “natural causes”. While the list of “natural causes” is standard, surprisingly nothing specific is mentioned for Poitier either.

Finally, we come to the sad passing of the beloved Betty White. Hulk Hogan is another outspoken conservative. The former professional wrestling champion thinks there is an eerie connection between all three deaths.

Hogan, also known by the real name Terry Bollea, questions one common thread between the trio of recent deaths. Every one of them was vaccinated. In fact, there is a strong indication that each was recently “COVID-vaccine boosted”.

Hogan commented on a YouTube video. YouTuber Josh Perry was grieving the death of Saget specifically. One comment under Perry’s video claimed Saget had died from “the jab”. That’s the short reference for the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, it’s Hogan’s reply to the comment that attracted attention. Hogan replied, “100 percent, Betty and Sidney were also jabbed. They’re dropping like flies, but they'll never say it.” While the comment was deleted, one YouTuber snapped a screenshot of it before it went down.

There has been suspicious pushback from people close to each three of the Hollywood icons. One person close to Betty White refuted the claims that she died from the vaccine. However, records have been unearthed that show she got “boosted” three days before she died.

In November, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky insisted that unvaccinated people were 14 times as likely to die from COVID-19 as the vaccinated were. Nevertheless, each of these famous Americans died after not only getting the standard vaccine, but the COVID booster as well.

Why are people such as Hogan and Owens being falsely targeted as conspiracy theorists? All they’re doing is asking simple questions. Oddly enough, these questions would be fully answered with complete cause of death reports. Strangely, we don’t have them. Why? The Hulkster thinks he knows why.

Photo Credit: YouTube/GordeTheLocke

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