Hunter Biden Makes SHOCKING Admission About Stripper He Got Pregnant

Frequently, President Joe Biden seems lost. His recollection skills seem compromised. There are multiple explanations for the current leader of the free world's loss of apparent consciousness. However, what's his son's excuse?

Taking too many drugs is apparently the go-to excuse. Hunter Biden has been asked an assortment of questions recently. These interviews are obvious book promotional boosts orchestrated with the help of the liberal media.

Nevertheless, like father like son, Hunter resorts to a state of dazed confusion when asked hard questions. Even liberal media outlets have given some airtime to Hunter's abysmal deflection when asked about the authenticity of a notorious laptop computer.

This is the same mysterious computer with a story behind it that has been conveniently buried by the lunch-carrying liberal media. It's his, and he knows it's his. Now, Biden is being asked about another odd failure of his memory.

There is a child in question, one DNA-confirmed as belonging to Hunter Biden. Once again, Hunter is playing the poor distraught addict card. It's an excuse line that turns the stomach of anyone honestly working a recovery program.

It's Hunter's kid, and like the computer, he knows it. However, despite DNA evidence the child is his, Biden still insists the mother claims it to be so. But maybe it's not. What a sorry excuse and obvious deflection of responsibility.

In genuine addiction recovery, an addict must accept responsibility for actions and decisions. The authenticity is critical, regardless of how painfully embarrassing it may be. How wasted you were does not qualify.

This responsibility includes assuming any financial consequences of these poor choices. However, these tenets don't appear to apply to Hunter Biden. It appears a lot of things don't apply to recovering addicts if you happen to be the son of a powerful liberal politician.

Joe Biden's repeated lack of recollection is scary for our nation, but sad at the same time. Hunter Biden's inability to remember convenient facts seems to be far more than convenient forgetfulness.

Anyone striving to work a day-to-day recovery program would call him out on his poor attempts at excuses. Many in recovery speak about a gradual clearing of the fog as they live clean and sober.

Maybe Hunter will suddenly provide such startling revelations about illegitimate children, or mysterious laptop computers. However, don't hold your breath. Like father, like son, this failure to recollect is all-too convenient.

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