HYPOCRITE Alyssa Milano Calls for NFL Redskins Name to be Removed, But Look At What She Sells

Alyssa Milano apparently did not like all the attention being given to people not her.

Milano stated on Twitter that “we must end racism in its entirety.” She then went on to argue that the NFL needs to force the Washington Redskins to change their name because it’s “destructive to Native communities.”

Milano’s criticisms are hard to take seriously when she’s apparently okay with what she calls racism when it pads her bank account. As seen in the tweet below, Milano’s Touch fashion line is—as of this writing—officially licensed gear for the NFL, including the name she apparently finds “destructive.”

In fact, Milano has been called out for this before. The Pacific Standard Magazine published [3] an open letter from Terese Marie Mailhot entitled, “Dear Alyssa Milano: If You Want To Stand With Native Women, Please Stop Selling Racist Clothes.” In the article, Mailhot specifically calls out Milano’s selling of “Washington Redskins paraphernalia.”

As with most of the “outrage” coming from Hollywood types, it’s not terribly surprising Milano’s message can be summarized by, “do what I say, not what I do.” The Daily Wire similarly noted [4]:

“Milano’s capacity to condemn the Redskins name while simultaneously merchandise from her fashion line is sold with the Redskins name on it fits well with this recent statement of hers: ‘The world is gray. And as uncomfortable as that makes people, gray is where the real change happens. Black and white is easy. Gray is the place women can come together out of the glare of the election and speak our truths, our doubts, our hopes, our convictions and test them against the light and the dark.’

If her actions matched her rhetoric, perhaps Alyssa Milano would be taken more seriously when she seeks to draw attention to perceived societal ills. For now, however, “money talks.”



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