Guess Who Was Hiding the Strzok Text About Stopping Trump

During Trump's first term, the Congress and the American people learned of the most damning text written by Peter Strzok in which he told his lover, Lisa Page, that they would stop President Trump.

Today we learned that the text was in the possession of the DOJ for over a month but that it was hidden from congressional investigators, During Jim Jordan's questioning of IG Michael Horowitz, he was told that Horowitz had turned the text over to Rod Rosenstein's office a month before it appeared in the IG report. Rosenstein has a long history of withholding evidence from Congress and still, they do nothing. Had the Republicans followed up on their many threats, this would not have happened.

From Breitbart News

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled Horowitz over why the damning Strzok text message dated August 8th, 2016 stating “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president was missing from earlier production.

Horowitz told Jordan he gave the damning text message to the office of the Deputy Attorney General a month ago which only further infuriated the GOP lawmaker.

Horowitz admitted to Rep. Jordan he discovered the damning “we’ll stop Trump” text message from Peter Strzok in May.

“But who made the decision? Was it Mr. Wray, was it Mr. Rosenstein, Mr. Sessions? Who made the decision?” Jordan asked Horowitz.

“We sent it to the Office of Deputy Attorney General,” Horowitz said.

“So, Mr. Rosenstein. Rosenstein made a decision that instead of us seeing the most explosive text message between these two key agents that were on the Clinton team, the Russia team, and on the Special Counsel team, he made a decision to wait a month for us to see that text message,” Rep Jordan said.

Jim Jordan does not sound like he is a happy camper.

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