Immigrants Getting Treatment That Biden Refuses to Provide to Americans

Most are aware of the recent surge of unaccompanied minors to our southern border. It is a crisis, and it is a humanitarian tragedy. Caught up in this catastrophe created by the Biden Administration's unraveling of successful U.S. border policy are the children.

While these school-age migrants are part of one calamity, California's children are now bearing the brunt of two hardships. Children in the state are still being forced to learn remotely, while the ineptitude of California's lawmakers is further exposed by their bumbling pandemic policies.

However, migrant children who make it across the southern U.S. border have at least one advantage over American kids in California. They're getting to learn in-person. The San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) is using volunteers to hold classes for the migrant kids held in detention centers.

Anyone with a sense of compassion wouldn't have a problem with providing an educational resource for these innocent children. They are caught up in a terrible political blunder. However, while teachers are volunteering to teach these non U.S. children in-person, California school kids are still being forced to learn remotely.

There is no need to debate the harsh reality of how adversely remote learning has affected kids across the United States. It is a sad byproduct of overly oppressive liberal governing policies. California is one of the worst, if not the worst.

But the hypocrisy of the teachers in San Diego seems to know no bounds. A spokesperson for the SDUSD insists that all children, regardless of immigration status, have a right under our constitution to receive an education. Most have no problem with that.

However, when everyone is in agreement that remote learning has damaged the progress of millions of American children, why are teachers taking a risk to teach unaccompanied migrants when they won't even physically show up to teach our own children?

The hypocrisy is astounding. No one is even adding another important aspect to this issue. These children being detained as they illegally cross the U.S. border are being tested for COVID-19.

The rate of positive tests is far exceeding anything from the children in communities across the nation. Teachers are volunteering to teach these kids despite the rate of positive COVID-19 results.

The unaccompanied migrant children are being afforded in-person instruction according to CDC guidelines. Why can't U.S. children in California receive in-person instruction following the same guidelines?

These are children with a dramatically less chance of contracting or spreading the virus. The schools have received millions of dollars in funds to prep them for safe in-person learning. How could these massive detention centers for illegal unaccompanied minors be any safer?

There has been a massive amount of hypocrisy spewed across American when it comes to both border policy and the pandemic. In San Diego, both hypocritical liberal agendas are being exposed. Seems what's good for illegal migrant children is better than what our own children deserve. It's sad.

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