In Unlikely Fashion, BLM and Trump Supporters Join Forces

Black Lives Matter is an organization that supports anything that fits comfortably into their racism narrative. The sporadic messaging from BLM’s leaders attacks anything they deem racist. Many of their talking-points are far from racist.

Virtually all of them are bogus assertions of white privilege across the United States. Those who have followed BLM protests, launched into the public limelight after the death of George Floyd, can easily see the tendency to change their stance to fit the agenda.

Most of the narratives spewing from BLM activists have been in ardent support of the liberal left arm of the Democrat Party. They march and support anything that might drag someone down with the over-used false reference that America is systemically racist.

Well, the gradual tendency for liberal politicians to support some form of COVID vaccine mandate has opened another portal for BLM to scream racism. However, this time the voices of protest completely contradict the agenda of the radical left.

Seems the radical liberal policies are being turned back against them. In New York City, liberal COVID policy is mandating proof of vaccine to eat at a restaurant. You must show proof of a medical procedure to eat out.

Carmine’s Italian Restaurant followed government guidelines when they refused service to three black women who would not produce authentic vaccine cards. These three Texan women became violently irate. They were charged with assault and criminal mischief.

Of course, BLM leaders in New York immediately called out the incident as racist. It wasn’t. The same action would have been taken against any person of any color, if they tried to enter a licensed New York restaurant without proper papers.

If the idea of vaccine proof and vaccine mandates weren’t so alarming, the whole idea that BLM has turned on its own would be an amusing twist to this story. The incident shows how BLM will alter their stance on any given subject to meet their own narrative.

BLM is turning their back on the party that has long supported their radical anarchist ideologies. Has the liberal faction of the Democrat Party found an enemy within their own ranks? What is even more ironic is this BLM protest against vaccine mandates is actually well-founded.

However, the foundation for their displeasure should not be racism, but a governmental mandate that is against the U.S. Constitution. It’s unconstitutional to demand proof of medical records to eat at a restaurant, in New York City or anywhere.

It’s equally illegal to mandate that employees get the jab to keep their job. Unfortunately, BLM twists their stance on any given issue to meet one radical ideology. They think everything is racist. In this instance, BLM actually has a point. However, vaccine mandates aren’t racist. Vaccine mandates are unconstitutional towards all Americans, regardless of race.

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