Is President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Trying to Start World War III on Purpose?

Wars seem to be a terrible reality of human existence. History has recorded far too many. Wars are terrible. People die. Sometimes millions of people die. An alarming number are innocent civilians. Buildings and infrastructure are leveled as well.

Frequently, society is permanently altered. The scars of war span generations. So why are there so many wars? Could it be because certain people benefit from them? Unfortunately, Americans might not have to look much past the nation’s capital to find the truth.

Washington, D.C., especially the Pentagon, seem to lean towards conflict rather than resolution. Hundreds of learned experts feel like Washington, D.C., especially the Pentagon, is a war machine. Billion-dollar military budgets depend on something or someone to fight.

Without any fights to fight, there wouldn’t be nearly as urgent a need to fund a killer instinct. Nonetheless, the power of the bureaucratic elite is astronomical. They have the power of the pen and the power of the sword.

The battle between Russia and Ukraine is a prime example. Because bureaucrats tell us Volodymyr Zelenskyy is “the good guy,” we’re supposed to believe them. Because Russian President Vladimir Putin is seen as a terrible person, Zelenskyy must be good, right?

Not so fast. Just because one warring ruler is an authoritarian tyrant, which does not automatically make the opposition “Mr. Good Guy.” Zelenskyy is anything but an honest ruler of a model democracy. Quite on the contrary.

Zelenskyy has subdued free journalism and imprisoned his political rival. That’s the complete opposite of a free democracy. But the mainstream media and the Capitol Hill suits and ties tell Americans, “We must support Ukraine, no matter how long it takes.”

Well, the way things have been progressing in the Russia/Ukraine conflict, it may take a while. It may, in fact, take a very long time. That is, unless the magnitude of the weaponry involved suddenly takes a dangerous turn. That turn is a clear possibility.

Russia has made "not-so-subtle" threats to retake control of the war using tactical nuclear strikes. By all accounts, Russia is by no means “winning.” But most military experts do not believe that Putin would make such a monumental strategic error.

Launching a nuclear strike of any magnitude would spell the end his regime. NATO and the United States would jump in with both feet. Russia would be crushed. Putin has to know this. But that isn’t stopping his opponent from pushing the world closer to nuclear conflict.

“Mr. Good Guy”, aka Zelenskyy, has actually insinuated that the “western alliance,” aka the United States, for those just tuning in, should preemptively strike Russia. Is he serious? The man, whom half the world is blindly calling a “Churchill-like” leader, is pushing to “drop the bomb.”

But now there’s been an even greater reason to entice the “Western Alliance” into a dangerous military conflict. Deemed “collateral damage,” missiles recently landed in Poland. That’s on the NATO side of the proverbial border, just in case you don’t have a globe handy.

After some intent investigating, the bombs were deemed to have NOT come from Russia. Tragically, it appears they were errant Ukrainian missiles. Putin didn’t do it. Zelenskyy actually did it, accident or not.

If we start to peel back the onion of Volodymyr Zelenskyy as maybe not being “Mr. Good Guy,” there are a bunch of questions. He’s asked for escalated action from the west. Is this the way he gets it? But when the facts say Putin didn’t do it, why does Zelenskyy keep saying he did?

Why is Zelenskyy lying? If Russia, aka Mr. Putin, made a purposeful missile strike against a NATO member nation that would trigger the infamous “Article 5.” What is Article 5? Article 5 is the cornerstone of the National Atlantic Treaty Organization, aka: NATO.

It applies to all nations that are part of NATO. In a nutshell, attack, aka drop a bomb, on any one of us, and we all jump in. That’s pretty scary stuff. It’s a really excellent bond between freedom-loving allies. Article 5 keeps bullies in their place.

However, activating a global military alliance could easily trigger World War III. Keep in mind that Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and others are NOT part of NATO. If the world chooses up sides for a massive global fist fight, bet on these folks wearing the same color jerseys.

They will NOT be wearing the team colors of NATO. This will get ugly, and it will get ugly fast. Using the jersey analogy may seem like a joke. It’s not. If the world drifts into a global conflict with modern warfare’s massive weaponry, this will not be a game.

There will be no winners. However, there will be a guaranteed trove of millions of losers. All of humanity may end up being the ultimate loser. These senseless warmongers could end up obliterating civilization. The missile strike in Poland was clearly an accident.

Wars have started over “mistakes.” Before we pat Zelenskyy on the back as “Mr. Good Guy,” maybe we should revisit this perception with more of an open mind. He seems to really want this war to escalate. Has Volodymyr Zelenskyy tried to trigger World War III on purpose?

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