It Was Planned! Video Emerges of Dr. Fauci and HHS Officials Plotting for 'Novel Virus from China" to Enforce Universal Vaccinations (VIDEO)

Dr. Anthony Fauci has affected the world of virtually every single American. From the initial diagnosis of the first COVID case, he has been the national point-man. Our nation has been urged to follow the mandates of this so-called scientific expert.

As the truth behind the virus has unfolded, so too has the credibility of Anthony Fauci. He has flipped back so many times on policies and recommendations, most Americans cannot fathom what true science might actually look like.

It turns out that much of what Fauci has said may not be based on science at all. His comments about the origin of the virus now appear to be self-motivated attempts to cover his own tracks.

As more is revealed, Anthony Fauci looks more and more like a self-serving bureaucratic liar. A recent video has emerged that may paint the good doctor as not only a liar, but a manipulator of public health mandates.

In October 2019, months before the pandemic took control of the world; Fauci is caught on tape with his health professional cronies discussing a way to force flu vaccinations on everyone. The whole idea that the virus was somehow an accident is fast losing credibility.

It now seems completely plausible that the release of the deadliest pandemic in a century may well have been done on purpose. Some experts agree the release of COVID was purposeful, a part of what global elites consider the “Great Reset”.

It would drive home the necessity of being jabbed with a vaccination into a fearful world population. The whole exchange between Fauci, Rick Bright and Michael Specter is creepy. Specter started off by insinuating that the medical community should somehow “blow up the system”.

They discussed how novel outbreaks of disease could help trigger a worldwide vaccine mandate. Anyone who has fostered so-called conspiracy theories, thoughts and feeling that this pandemic was not an accident, may be more right than they think.

Michael Specter: Why don’t we blow the system up? I mean obviously, we can’t just turn off the spigot on the system. We have and then say, hey everyone in the world should get this new vaccine that we haven’t given to anyone yet. But there must be some way that we grow vaccines mostly in eggs the way we did in 1947.

Anthony Fauci: In order to make the transition from getting out of the tried-and-true egg growing which we know gives us results that can be beneficial, I mean we’ve done well with that. There must be something that has to be much better. You have to prove that this works and then you’ve got to go through all of the clinical trials: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3, and then show that this particular product is going to be good over a period of years. That alone, if it works perfectly, it’s going to take a decade.

Rick Bright: There might be a need or even an urgent call for an entity of excitement out there that’s completely disruptive, that’s not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.

Fauci: So we really do have a problem of how the world perceives influenza and it’s going to be very difficult to change that unless you do it from within and save.. I don’t care what your perception is, we’re going to address the problem in a disruptive and in an iterative way because she does need both.

Bright: But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that.. to a number of regional centers if not local, if not even in your home at some point, and print those vaccines on a patch of self-administer.

It’s really rather peculiar how the flu kind of disappeared over the last 18 to 24 months. Now we have something far more serious according to our trusted medical professionals. We have a full-blown virus creeping across the globe, killing people.

Now they have their trigger mechanism to governmentally order all humans get vaccinated. Well fellows, we hate to inform you, but the United States is a democracy. You’re going to need a different plan to force every American to consent to an untested shot.

It seems that Anthony Fauci and his band of medical marauders had a contention plan. Begin by exaggerating the problem. Scare everyone into mask wearing and lockdowns. Then, come up with an all-encompassing vaccine that will save everyone’s life.

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