James Comey Implicated in Many Crimes Resulting From His Leaks...Lock Him Up

James Comey was responsible for several leaks that amount to many felonies to which he can be tied to and tried for.

He claims now that his notes taken with the president is his personal property but according to the law, those memos were classified the moment they were written. In fact, some of them was redacted, obviously because they contained national security information, meaning the memos had to belong to the government and not to Comey personally.

James Comey has been caught in lies multiple times and he is apparently part of the attempted coup of President Trump.

From The Gateway Pundit

Disgraced and fired dirty cop James Comey leaked his classified memos to numerous individuals in various entities.  He leaked his memos to the following that we know of: [source]

  1. Andrew McCabe [source]
  2. James Baker [source]
  3. James Rybicki [source]
  4. Daniel Richman [source] Daniel Richman had SGE status with the FBI at the time he leaked Comey’s memos to the NYT [source] Daniel Richman’s Columbia bio page says he “served as a consultant to the Department of Justice” and he is “currently an adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.” [source]
  5. Patrick Fitzgerald [source]
  6. David Kelly [source]
  7. Benjamin Wittes- Comey’s friend, former aide, and recipient of Comey’s leaks editor-in-chief of the blog Lawfare
  8. James Comey admits to leaking his memo content to the NYT for political purposes [source]

Comey’s actions were criminal when he leaked his memos regarding President Trump to the far-left mainstream media (MSM)

Comey claimed he released his memos in response to a Tweet from President Trump, but Comey’s memos were released prior to the date of the tweet [source]

Comey also lied when he said he gave the memo to the New York Times (Via Daniel Richman) on Monday May 15th. We know this because the NYT article came out on the 11th [source]

Comey claims that he did not consider his memos to be government property: “No, and I didn’t consider it a part of an FBI file…it was my personal memoir,” Comey said of his classified memos [source]

If the Comey memos were not classified information, why were portions redacted? [source]

Former US Attorney General: When Comey Wrote His Notes They Were Classified – Those Were Government Memos [source]

Additionally, his memos were reclassified by the FBI at a later date.

Comey sent his memos to his fellow FBI agents, and he even addressed his fellow agents in his memos.  Did he handle the memos properly at this time?

Likewise, Comey’s transmission of memos to his lawyers about classified conversations he had with Trump are troubling. Those forced the government to send “scrub teams” to recover any classified information that may have been transmitted, according to multiple sources briefed on the operation [source]

Comey is in big trouble just for leaking the information he maintained related to his interactions with President Trump.  He lied numerous times outside of this memo scandal.  He also committed crimes in attempting a coup of our US government.

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