Jen Psaki Mocks Mitch McConnell’s Harsh Criticism of Biden’s Speech (VIDEO)

The job of White House press secretary has significant responsibilities. There have been dozens of talented people who held this position. Being the spokesperson for the executive branch of our federal government is challenging. The U.S. press can be tough.

As the voice for the President of the United States, the press secretary is open to intense scrutiny from the media. However, liberal White House press secretaries often get a free press. That’s how things started for current press secretary Jen Psaki.

Whether it’s because of her arrogant attitude, or the abysmal job her boss is doing, Psaki is gradually falling out of favor with the liberal mainstream media. Her recent insult towards Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell’s comments didn’t help matters.

McConnell stepped away from his normally fainthearted attempts to defend the conservative ideology. The long-time Kentucky Senator actually offered a harsh condemnation of Joe Biden’s racist speech in Georgia attacking election integrity.

All Psaki could offer, when questioned, was a pitiful excuse for an answer, punctuated by one word. Psaki said McConnell’s assessment of Biden vomiting up a bunch of racially loaded propaganda was “hilarious”. That’s all, little explanation needed, apparently.

This senseless and smug reply proves that Psaki is nothing but a liberal parrot. Some aren’t even convinced she’s the mouthpiece for Joe Biden. Frequently, Psaki spews garbage that doesn’t even line up with what “the big guy” said.

If this is true, and Joe Biden isn’t actually calling the shots, it would make sense why many of Psaki’s answers seem disconnected. Her comments further cement the notion that Psaki is a parrot for the radical progressives within the Democrat Party.

Psaki discounted the fact that Biden directly referred to anyone opposing the federal takeover of elections to be like Bull Connor or Jefferson Davis. We’re serious. Biden’s hints were not very well hidden. He continued to label any and everyone who disagrees as racist. It’s sickening.

He essentially attacked all Republicans, plus members of his own party. West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin insists he is opposed to killing Senate filibuster rules, especially to single out and cram through unpopular federal voting reforms.

Some staunch conservatives were shocked at the fervor in McConnell’s condemnation. The Senate minority leader harshly reprimanded Biden’s insolent speech. “How profoundly, profoundly unpresidential”, McConnell blasted.

Serving decades alongside Biden, McConnell said he did not recognize the man he watched spew lies from a podium in Georgia. Biden made his scathing remarks at the Atlanta University Center Consortium, on the campus of Clark Atlanta University.

The liberal left continues to say they are trying to pass legislation to enhance voting rights. They are not. These radicals want total control over all federal elections. It is the constitutional right of every state to coordinate their federal election procedures.

This is a power grab. By instituting federal control over elections, Democrats will be able to erase a requirement for voter identification. Americans overwhelming support a call for voter ID in all aspects of the election process. It is common sense that voters should prove who they are.

Democrats want to do away with this nationally popular and totally logical requirement to open the door for illegal migrants to vote. Massive mail-in voting, plus things such as ballot harvesting, will trigger colossal voter fraud.

This is an attempt to take control of every aspect of federal elections. Liberals will seize power forever. America will cease to be a free democracy. We will become a single-party socialist state. Should anyone be surprised? This has been the goal of the liberal left for years.

Proud conservative Americans, such as President Trump, are standing up against this attack on our democracy. The attacks are serious. Liberals want to destroy America. We are at war for our country. Joe Biden’s speech in Georgia furthered this liberal motivated assault.

Biden’s words were an attack on our nation and an insult on American values. Someone needs to tell Jen Psaki, what was truly “hilarious” was her response to Mitch McConnell calling her boss out. Furthermore, Joe Biden is the definition of hilarious. However, he’s dangerous as well.

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