Joe Biden Argues That the Second Amendment Isn’t “Absolute”

Anytime someone dies as a result of gun violence, it’s a regrettable tragedy. The misery is magnified when the dead are small children. An insane 18-year-old went on a shooting rampage at a Texas elementary school.

Americans mourn the loss of 19 Robb Elementary School students and two of their teachers. What Salvador Ramos did is unthinkable. But the instant, knee-jerk reaction by the radical left is always the same. They want to disarm every American.

The progressive left of the Democrat Party doesn’t want to make it harder for the mentally ill to purchase a firearm. They want to prevent any and all citizens from owning guns. These anti-American radicals don’t want to debate a common solution.

They want all the guns. Standing in their way is the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. Our founding fathers put it there for a reason. The exact reason that Democrats want to take it away is the reason why they wrote it the way they did.

Every single time there is a tragic shooting, Democrats politicize it. They do not want to work towards solutions that work. Liberals want our guns. Beto O’Rourke made a spectacle of himself at Governor Greg Abbott’s press conference.

At the same time, Abbott was trying to soothe the utter anguish and grief being felt by his fellow Texans. O’Rourke hijacked the tragic deaths of 19 young children to orchestrate a phony political statement. The act was appalling.

But the phoniness didn’t stop with O’Rourke. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer used a tragedy to take a political jab at the Republican Texas governor. As Texans grieved, clowns like Schumer took potshots at them.

Schumer slandered Abbott and then proceeded to block a Senate bill that would help improve school safety across the nation. Chuck Schumer is a disgrace. And not to be lost on lesser office holders, Joe Biden had to get his two cents in.

Biden claimed to be “just sick and tired” of all the gun violence. One curious question would be why he hasn’t done a thing about it during the 50+ years he’s been squatting on Capitol Hill. But then his remarks went right towards their calculated target.

Like all the radical liberals, Biden uses tragedy to go after honest Americans’ right to own a firearm. It’s disgusting. In his remarks, Biden said, “The Second Amendment is not absolute. When it was passed, you couldn’t own a cannon. There’s always been limitations.”

This man is a complete buffoon. No one has been ever recorded as actually owning a functioning cannon. Maybe people had cannons for lawn decorations, but no one tries to buy a cannon. Law-abiding citizens do purchase firearms to hunt and protect themselves.

Biden has used this “No Amendment is absolute” argument before. Democrats can no longer hide their true ambition. They want to seize each and every lawfully owned gun. Liberals want to disarm society. They don’t want to prevent tragedies. These clowns want to make things worse.

Criminals and crazy lunatics will always find a way to get guns. If citizens cannot purchase weapons legally, they will no longer be able to protect themselves and their families. This is the plan. Disarm America to seize control of the country.

This ambition becomes glaringly obvious every time there is a gun killing. It’s both senseless and disgusting. But the radicals may find they have a bigger fight on their hands than they perceive. The majority of Americans believe that it’s their constitutional right to own a firearm.

They are correct. An even greater number feel the problem with gun violence isn’t the guns. The issue is the liberal government’s weak stance on crimes committed with guns. Until guns grow legs and start shooting people, guns are not the issue. But nutcases with guns are.

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