Joe Biden Gets Trolled by Kids Wearing MAGA Apparel in Photo

The first time you see the photo below, it looks like it's just an ordinary picture of Joe Biden smiling while taking a photo with some kids.

Everyone seems happy and relaxed in front - except for one little girl who has her eyes closed as if she were enjoying herself thoroughly from what must be a great experience.

Also noticeable is how much laughter can be seen coming from those same children when looking closely enough into their faces.

It wasn't until after taking another glance that something clicked: maybe these kids aren’t actually laughing out of the joy of being with Biden, but rather having hearty chuckles instead.

So what is it exactly? What's going on here?

Well, when you take a close look at the kids in the photo, they're wearing pro-Trump apparel like shirts and hats.

You know that Biden was completely clueless at what was actually happening. He was being trolled by little kids!

I'd be willing to bet that he still doesn't even know what happened. Heck, he probably forgot that he was even in Shanksville, PA.

One little girl was wearing a red Trump hat. Another, an "I'll Be Back" t-shirt with President Trump on it, and another proudly displayed her MAGA shirt as the crowd around them all got a kick out of the whole thing.

I'm sure the Secret Service agents were getting a kick out of this as well.

Biden was not welcomed there at all. In fact, when he arrived, there were several protesters out along the street holding up signs. This happened in Boise, ID as well.

You'll never see this number of supporters for Biden gathered anywhere, but you will always see this amount of people who despise Biden and support President Trump. Let's bring President Trump back to Washington!

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