Joe Biden's Weakness Leads Kim Jong Un to Threaten Nuclear Action

When the leader of a nation appears to be spineless and weak, the bad actors see it as an opportunity. Vladimir Putin progressed headlong into his invasion of Ukraine after witnessing Joe Biden’s pitiful “cut-tail exodus” from Afghanistan.

China has escalated its own aggressive posture towards Taiwan. However, one of the most dangerous dictatorial tyrants holds power over the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is a ruthless dictator.

Kim has killed his political rivals, including members of his own family. But he was subdued by the confidence and strength of President Trump. Kim knew better than to cross President Trump. However, President Trump is no longer a threat to Kim Jong-un’s tyrannical ambitions.

Kim looks at Joe Biden with the same feelings other American adversaries do. Biden is weak and ineffective. Even when the Biden administration finally responds to threats, it’s always a feeble and invariably late response. America is no longer leading. We are following.

Our most dangerous adversaries no longer fear the United States. We appear weak and indecisive. Recently, Kim Jong-un spoke to war veterans on the 69th anniversary of the Korean War. In his address, Kim strongly boasted about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.

During his fiery speech, he threatened both the United States and South Korea. Kim would never have done this if President Trump was in the White House. He clearly understood that the consequences would be swift and devastating.

But Joe Biden is no President Trump. Dangerous tyrants see Joe Biden as a feeble and weak old man. Worst of all, they envision that Biden hasn’t the courage to stand up against an aggressive posture. He’s a coward. Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is a prime example.

President Trump would never have allowed him to invade Ukraine. Likewise, China has taken a threatening posture in response to nothing more than a visit to Taiwan by Nancy Pelosi. American officials better take the threats from the North Korean dictator seriously.

The North Korean dictator cautioned that any military action against his country “is preposterous and is a very dangerous, suicidal action.” Kim also bragged about possessing “absolute weapons that they fear the most.” We all know what he meant.

Our diplomatic officials better take these threats seriously. Kim is often regarded as insanely unstable. Kim Jong-un is a dangerous leader. He’s a nuclear-armed maniac. The North Korean despot reinforced his threats with an eerie warning to the South Korean government.

“Such a dangerous attempt will be immediately punished by our powerful strength, and the Yoon Suk Yeol government and his military will be annihilated,” Kim threatened. These tyrannical braggarts were virtually silent when Donald Trump was the President.

But when Joe Biden cheated his way into the Oval Office, this all changed. Dangerous authoritarian dictators no longer fear the U.S. We are perceived as weak and cowardly. If the world spirals into a nuclear conflict, we can thank Joe Biden, “the coward from Scranton!”

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