Just Another Day in the “Big Rotten Apple” as Lunatic Smashes Up a Restaurant with Axe

Back in the day, there was a case to be made for New York City being the “Apple of America’s Eye.” The Big Apple was truly one of the most exciting cities in the world, if not the most exciting. Sure, it had its “worms”, but NYC really was A-OK.

It’s far from the apple of anyone’s eye today. New York has fallen upon hard times that rival its fictional doppelgänger, “Gotham City.” But in the real world, there’s no “masked man” to fly in and save the city from a wave of crime. A band of “Jokers” is running NYC into the ground.

In fact, some believe that liberal leadership planned everything this way. There really isn’t much of an explanation otherwise. The progressive Democrat Party leadership has turned New York City into a cesspool. There have been other times in NYC history when crime was an issue.

However, today’s rampant crime wave is rivaling the worst of times for residents. NYC citizens don’t feel safe in their communities. Most insist that it’s dangerous to walk the streets in broad daylight. Seven out of ten New York residents feel less safe than they did just 24 months ago.

Crazy people and hardened criminals are being let back out on the street. No one is being held accountable for dangerous behavior. New York’s radical justice system is treating crooks and criminals like they’re victims. The true victims, NYC citizens, are left to fend for themselves.

They don’t feel safe walking down their streets. A group of customers at a NYC restaurant recently experienced just that. An obviously mentally ill man ransacked a local McDonald’s. Evidently, he had an issue with three male customers enjoying an early morning bite to eat.

Michael Palacios didn’t simply argue or yell at the other men; he went ballistic. The 31-year-old took an axe out of his backpack and started swinging it like a madman. Palacios also had a knife in his backpack. Luckily, none of the three men were injured.

Palacios was charged with multiple crimes, including criminal mischief, three counts of menacing, and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon. While in a rage, Palacios also did a great deal of damage to the McDonald’s. In most U.S. cities, this might be a bizarre report.

However, in NYC, this is an everyday event. People are scared to death to even walk down the streets. Things are pretty bad when you have to feel fear taking your child out for a “Happy Meal”. New York’s atrocious liberal crime laws and woke justice system are to blame.

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