Kamala Harris Poses the WORST Photo Op By A Political Leader in Decades

While all of this drama is going down in Afghanistan, what is Kamala Harris doing in Vietnam?

Why is she so absent from all of this?

While in Vietnam last week, Kamala posed with Vietnamese Communist leaders in front of the Ho Chi Minh sculptures.

Many people compared the pose of Kamala Harris standing by the Ho Chi Minh communist bust with Jane Fonda wearing a helmet in 1972. This pose originated when she traveled to Vietnam last week. In addition to founding the Vietnamese Communist Party, Ho Chi Minh is also known as a brutal dictator.

During his regime, hundreds of thousands of people were killed in Vietnam due to the genocide Ho Chi Minh perpetrated against wealthy landowners and farmers. Kamala Harris left the United States in the middle of the Afghanistan catastrophe to make a trip to Vietnam and Singapore.

Radio Free Asia reported,

“Suddenly they implemented a land reform by sending groups of officials to the countryside, and giving them the freedom to classify and accuse people as landowners at will. An additional number of 172,000 people became victims,” he said.

“I am talking about the number of wrongly tried victims that were seriously depressed and furious to the extent that they had to commit suicide. This number was in fact not small. In my opinion this consequence was very serious. It has given a terrible fright to the people,” Can added.

But official figures leave out summary executions of those accused of membership of the National People’s Party, however. Unofficial estimates of those killed by Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam Labor Party, which later become the Vietnamese Communist Party, range from 200,000 to 900,000.

The similarities between the crowds at the airport in Kabul and passengers boarding United States military helicopters at the Afghanistan capital have chilling similarities to terrified Vietnamese rushing to United States helicopters when they left the Saigon embassy 40 years ago.

Kamala Harris left herself open to the worst possible photo for an American in Vietnam. She is still sidestepping any questions regarding what happened in Afghanistan and leaving the public without answers to fervent questions. According to a statement from FOX News, she chose the worst possible time for the Biden administration.

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