Kamala Harris Snaps at Foreign News Anchor After Being Asked About Border: 'I'm Not Finished'

Kamala Harris once again proved just how entitled she thinks she is and how much of a lying you-know-what she is.

As the media and her own administration pile on criticism over her failed first international trip as vice president, Kamala Harris has been snapping at reporters during most recent interviews.

A technical glitch caused a delay during a remote interview with Univision's Ilia Calderón. When she thought the reporter had interrupted her after asking if she would visit the border, a cranky Kamala lashed out, holding up a scolding finger as she said, "I'm not finished."

"I'm not finished," Harris sternly replied along with a brief chuckle. "I've said I'm going to the border. And also if we are going to deal with the problems at the border, we have to deal with the problems that cause people to go to the border, to flee to the border. So my first trip as vice president of the United States was to go- in terms of a foreign trip- to Guatemala, to be on the ground there to address and to be informed of the root causes why are the people of Guatemala leaving."

"Do you have a date for your trip to the border?" Calderón followed.

"I will keep you posted," Harris replied.

Calderón tried her best to pin down Harris, asking exactly when she planned to visit the southern border. Kamala managed to squeeze in her favorite phrase, 'root cause,' and her trademark cringy cackle when answering that she needed to be "on the ground" in Guatemala.

The awkward exchange occurred on the heels of the "historic" VP's interview with Lester Holt in which she told him she didn't understand the point of his question about a border visit. Kamala's creepy cackle and unlikable personality remind us a bit too much of another cringeworthy failed presidential candidate whose name rhymes with Pillory Flinton.

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