‘Karen’ Interrupts Comedian Because She Was Offended by His Jokes, Gets What She Deserves (VIDEO)

The progressive cancel culture is a sensitive group. It doesn’t take much to offend these radicals, or hurt their feelings. Now, it seems they even take offense with jokes. If we hear a joke we don’t fathom as right, we don’t have to listen.

In addition, if you take a seat in the audience for a stand-up comedy skit, you have the right to get up and leave if you don’t like the jokes. Often, jokes are often innocently offensive. Comedians tell jokes about their ethnicity, their hang-ups, and even their spouses.

They are jokes. They are not meant to degrade anyone or purposefully hurt anyone’s feelings. Well, it appears one woman, we’ll call “Karen”, who was sitting in an audience, decided she needed to exercise her “woke-rights”.

As Affion Crockett was doing his show in Jacksonville, Florida, a woman walked up on stage. She complained about a number of Crockett’s jokes. The lady insisted that she was offended. Well, Crockett wasn’t going to just accept the insulting insinuation presented by this woman.

Crockett asked, “So, me being up here describing my life is insulting to you?” In the video of this comedy skit turned cancel culture escapade, Crockett decided to leave it up to his audience. The comedian asked if anyone else sitting in the audience found his skit offensive.

The resounding answer was “NO!” As the neurotically sensitive woman was escorted off the stage, the audience chanted “Karen”, in reference to her unrealistic sense of offense. Crockett also doesn’t shy away from conversations about wokeism and cancel culture.

During a Drink Champs podcast, Crockett lamented his adamant opposition to cancel culture. He said, “We put too much power in cancel culture.” Another popular comedian was targeted by cancel culture attacks.

Dave Chappelle was targeted by the woke left over comments he made during his Netflix special. Like Crockett, people are fed up with the whole idea of cancel culture. People are pushing back.

Like the “Karen” in Crockett’s audience, most of these cancel culture freaks need to learn how to take a joke. When they act like this woman, they become what they say offends them; a joke. If the cancel culture would honestly look at themselves, they’d realize they are the joke.

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