Kevin McCarthy Says He Knows Who Secretly Recorded Him and Things May Be Set to Get Very Hot on Capitol Hill

It is disappointing for a political party to lose seats during an election year. Losing control of a particular legislative body exacerbates the frustration. However, to lose control of both chambers in the U.S. Congress is the ultimate failure.

When voters flip the House of Representatives, it signifies a strong disapproval of how they feel the party in control is utilizing their opportunity. Polls across the nation signal an abysmal November for Democrats.

During a midterm election year, the party of the sitting president invariably loses a percentage of its seats in the House. But when the president’s national approval ratings are underwater, it can signal a landslide for the opposition party.

Nevertheless, those historical trends relate to a normal election cycle. When your party has a perceived clown occupying the White House, a president whose approval numbers are some of the worst in history, you can expect big losses.

That’s where the Democrat Party sits less than two months before the official midterm election day. They are facing a red wave, despite a momentary bump in their “supposed” chances. The tightening of a few races across the country is going to prove to be a glitch.

The polls have proven dramatically off for close to a decade now. Each time these polls indicate a particular advantage for a Democrat, you can expect the numbers to be way off. Therefore, there’s a high probability that close races are going to turn into easy Republican wins.

But notwithstanding the erratic poll numbers, the radical progressive left should be worried about much more than losing control of the House. If Democrats lose the majority, Nancy Pelosi is finished. She will face an insurmountable task of maintaining her control.

Millions of Americans will breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Nonetheless, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With control of the House, Republican lawmakers will be able to launch “real” and “truth-seeking” investigations into the corruption surrounding Washington, D.C.

California congressman Kevin McCarthy, by all accounts, will assume the role of Speaker of the House. He has already vowed to investigate a number of troubling things, including the dirty dealings of the president’s own son, Hunter Biden. There will be more.

The microscope will be focused on the liberal bias corrupting the FBI and DOJ. There has also been a wave of suspiciously convenient leaks by the radical left to their buddies in the mainstream media. Things are going to get hot in D.C.

One leak was about a so-called private conversation between Congressman McCarthy and President Trump. The phone call was on January 10, 2021, four days after the chaotic Capitol Hill protests. Recording the call was illegal, and leaking the tape was as well.

McCarthy knows who did it. He said, “I know who recorded me. I'll bring it forward. I have it.” Furthermore, McCarthy believes that, “It comes as no surprise that the corporate media is obsessed with doing everything it can to further a liberal agenda.”

He also believes the mainstream media’s focus is on “manufactured political intrigue.” Democrats are in trouble. Even Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer agrees. Schumer said he believes Republicans will take control in November; a Nancy Pelosi is “in trouble.”

Some Democrats may be in more trouble than just losing their control of Capitol Hill. The sitting president could be in serious hot water. Republicans must follow through with their promises. They must open a full investigation into Hunter Biden, among other corrupt D.C. schemes.

When the truth is finally exposed, the fires could consume Joe Biden. Things are going to get very hot on Capitol Hill after November’s red wave. But they might get even hotter in the Oval Office.

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