KFC Karen Goes Psycho and Threatens Employees After Demanding Food 'Mashed Potatoes and Chicken' 'I'll Stab You' (VIDEO)

Some people just do not know how to behave in public. Cue KFC Karen...

A woman in California walked into a KFC in California without a mask trying to order some food and ended up on top of the service counter screaming at employees and threatening them.

She couldn’t be served because she wasn’t wearing a face mask. She jumped on the counter and started threatening customers screaming that she wanted her mashed potatoes and chicken, or she’ll stab somebody.

“Gimme something to f**king eat! I’m hungry!” she screamed from atop the counter. Eventually, she left the establishment, telling a gentleman that the restaurant is disgusting after he offered to let her have a mask.

The woman then directs her largely unintelligible rant at a male employee, at one point daring him to call the cops. She also threatens to “stab” the female employee unless she gets “something to eat” immediately.

In a subsequent video, the woman clarifies her order (“mashed potatoes and chicken!”) despite being told that she won’t be provided with food.

Mashed potatoes and chicken

Posted by Leah Chastain on Thursday, September 10, 2020

I've been around enough druggies in my life to be 99% convinced that this woman is high on something. Maybe meth, maybe bath salts, who knows, but she's definitely not right in the head.

This isn't the first time we've seen people melting down over fast food.

This is only one of several observed in recent months, most of which appear to have escalated over the customers’ refusal to wear masks. In one recent incident at a Taco Bell, a mask-free woman berated customers, used a racial slur, and claimed she was “Charlie f***in’ Manson’s daughter” when she was denied service. Similar outbursts have been reported at McDonald’s and Burger King locations, among others.

WARNING: This is has a lot of foul language, racial slurs, and well, all kinds of stuff. 

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