Kid Rock Schools Bill Maher on Who’s Really Responsible for High Gas Prices

Kid Rock is an American patriot. Someone may take issue with his musical genre and harsh lyrics, but no one can deny that “Kid Rock won’t take sh** from anyone.” As the lyrics in one of his smash hits say, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live!”

The popular rock singer believes our nation has become weak. People shouldn’t be fooled by Kid Rock’s “Devil Without a Cause” persona. He’s a smart cat. The wildly popular rocker, who is proudly a political conservative, recently sat down with liberal talk show host Bill Maher.

During an episode of Maher’s “Club Random,” the two divergent political beliefs were discussing the topic of America’s skyrocketing gas prices. A conversation about the horrible traffic in Maher’s Los Angeles led them to the subject of gas prices.

Kid Rock joked that his host had to pay “seven dollars an f’ing gallon” for gas! This triggered a rather contentious back-and-forth banter between the two. Apparently taken aback by Rock’s joke about LA gas prices, Maher fired back defensively.

While Kid Rock didn’t mention Joe Biden, Maher replied, “It’s like you know very well gas prices have nothing to do with who is president, mostly.” Mostly might be a key word to remember here. Wonder what Maher meant by “mostly?”

It’s as if Maher was reluctant to acknowledge who really is at fault for decades-high prices at the gas pump. Kid Rock jumped back in the conversation, asking, “I don’t know that. Enlighten me.” Maher seemed caught by surprise. He replied, “Well, some things. What?”

Kid Rock repeated his simple request to “enlighten” him. Well, Bill Maher started to fumble and stumble for the right words. He was finding it impossible to defend an indefensible position. The hard rocker showed that he knew what he was talking about.

Kid Rock asserted confidently that, the president “creates policies that would influence the gas companies like any business.” He’s correct. The two both agreed that reliance on foreign countries for America’s energy needs is bad policy.

But that’s precisely the policy of the Biden administration. Joe Biden has attacked America’s energy industry. He’s enacted policies that are trying to drive them out of business. They know, and Americans know it too.

When Biden tries to blame the oil companies, the pandemic, or mean old Vladimir Putin for skyrocketing energy costs, he’s lying. Joe Biden’s assault on U.S. energy is what caused gas prices to reach all-time highs. Kid Rock basically “schooled” the liberal talk show host.

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