Leftist Writer Wants to “Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” After They Destroyed Lives, Businesses, and Lied About Everything

First and foremost, The Atlantic must be acknowledged as a far-left, out of touch with reality, liberal rag. Writers for the oft-disgraced publication frequently post stories that turn out to be blatantly false. The Atlantic staff is composed of liberal-kowtowing puppets.

They do and say as they’re told. One must assume that “wannabe journalist” Emily Oster takes her marching orders from someone within the Democrat Party hierarchy. A recent story pleading for sympathy for the tyrannical policies of the left is a stark example.

Oster wrote a story published in The Atlantic. It addressed the horrific mistakes that liberal officials and bureaucrats made during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Oster, Americans need to just forgive and forget. Oster wants to “declare a pandemic amnesty.” Sure Emily.

But Americans might have a few questions for you before they offer blanket forgiveness for the atrocious policy decisions liberal lawmakers made. Should anyone be held accountable for the thousands of unnecessary deaths caused by stupid decisions by liberal governors?

How about liberal state policies that have destroyed an entire generation of children? Should the Draconian lockdown policies of governors like Gretchen Whitmer just be excused? What about all the horrible comments made by liberal-kowtowing parrots in the mainstream media?

These hateful people accused anyone who questioned a hastily tested vaccine of being “grandma killers.” COVID-19 was called “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Now, the facts are far different. The vaccinated are more likely to catch new variants than the unvaccinated.

Should everyone just bow down to these rapid haters and say, “you’re forgiven for lying through your teeth?” What should we tell the 15-year-old boy who took his own life after being belittled for not getting the vaccine? Who’s going to apologize to his family for their loss?

What about the millions of proud workers who were fired from their jobs for not succumbing to the vaccine hysteria? Should they just roll over and act like their lives weren’t devastated by what has now proven to be senseless and useless mandates?

What about those who died because COVID-19 preventative medicines were ignored? Should people who lost otherwise healthy loved ones to vaccine side effects just automatically say, “no foul here for knowingly killing my wife, husband, child, grandma, grandpa, or good friend?”

Emily Oster puts the audacity of the far left on full display. They know exactly how horrifically the power-hungry tyrants abused their authority during the pandemic. They destroyed lives and actually killed more people than they saved. Some believe it wasn’t an accident.

But should there be some blanket amnesty policy for these horrific mistakes? No, there should not be. In fact, the opposite should happen. Individuals who purposefully abused their power and harmed others should be held accountable, not apologized to. It should begin with China!

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