Levin calls for uprising against Left 

Media host and author Mark Levin is no shrinking violet when it comes to conservative causes. If you need to understand where he stands on the issues facing conservatives today, go no further. In this article, you get an introduction to his newest book and where the issues are that we, as conservatives, must confront. It is great ammunition for your everyday encounters with the alt-left.

As Written By Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner:

Media mogul Mark Levin is the voice of America's constitutional conservatives, and he is issuing his most searing warning yet that the nation is at a crossroads, and will either cave into a century of progressive giveaways, or take charge by "rediscovering Americanism.

In his fifth book on the uniqueness of the nation, the New York Times bestselling author cuts to the chase when he urges Americans to stop denying the "decaying societal conditions" around them and to take back their natural rights.

"We have no choice," he said.

Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of Progressivism is the radio and online TV personality's first book in the Trump era, but the Republican in the White House doesn't get in the way of his long-time warning about the march of progressive government and its whittling away of individual and states' rights.

In the book, Levin attacks the embrace by the media, politicians and academia of progressive promises of a "utopia" defined by the end of personal freedom and individuality.

He has a grim name for it: "The Final Outcome." Levin wrote, "They reject.......


Mark Levin calls for uprising against Left: 'We have no choice'

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