Liberals Declare Common Southern Word "Hate Speech"

Occasionally, we get some input from the speech police where they feel compelled to complain about something that people are saying. That normally comes in the form of some word or phrase that they deem to be sexist, racist, or bigoted in some way.

These "progressives" demand that people change their language to accommodate their worldview and use their made up words instead of the ones that we've used forever so as to not "offend" anyone.

A clear example of what I mean is seen in gender pronouns that they want us to use. They have words like "zie, zis, zir, zim, zhe" and whatever else they're wanting to call themselves nowadays.

Now they're wanting to say that the word "y'all" is hate speech and racist.

Neville Croft wrote,“[A] new hate word is increasingly being used by the alt-right. The word ‘y’all’ is the most recent addition to their ammunition of hate and has already sent many unsuspecting persyns [persons] of unidentified gender identities into horrific seizures and panic attacks.”

He added: “Y’all’ is a southern hate word that evokes all sorts of grueling, racist connotations. Just thinking about it makes me feel nauseous. Journalists, in particular, have faced an onslaught of harassment by bigots using this word. I’ve spoken to several journalists and a JIT (Journalist In Training) from the magnificent Journalist Excellence Worldwide discord server to hear their thoughts on the matter.”

He then went on to explain a few examples of misuse:

“It reminded me of the South’s slavery loving ways and gave me a severe panic attack over the suffering of black persyns.”

“It reminded of the time a bigoted male tried to rape me by saying ‘do y’all want some sex?’ I never recovered.”

“I hear it almost everyday and everytime I hear it, I start to involuntarily convulse and need to spend at least 20 minutes in a safe space.”

“I was in a voice chat with some friends and a newcomer joined and greeted us with ‘hey y’ll’. I was so disgusted and tried to teach them about the dangers of that word and its hidden meaning but they refused to learn. They actually referred to me as a ‘womxn’ when I clearly identify as a mxle.”

“Hello, my worst experience of the last year has been brought back to me again and again by the lack of understanding around the word “y’all”. Last June, I had just got out of the office for lunch, everything was going as usual, until me and my PoC colleagues were leaving the building. A wh*te mxle came up to us, and said “y’all know where I can get some curry”. I froze. Mouth wide open and heart in my throat. I could see the affect it had on the people around me, I felt awful and still do. Please do not use this hateful word.”

Now, let me add this. I started writing this article as a satire piece, and in a large part, it is. But I recently came across someone actually doing this with the words "male" and "female" or "man" and "woman". They just substitute the "a" with an "x". Because I guess there is something inherently sexist about the letter "a"???

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