Liberals Try to TV Personality After Challenging Nancy Pelosi During Interview

On a recent CBS This Morning interview, Gayle King probed into something that Nancy Pelosi recently said.

Pelosi says that Joe Biden should not debate President Trump. Nancy Pelosi said that "the President has no fidelity to fact or truth, and actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution...he and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy."

Gayle King commented later that she found this feedback "egregious", particularly in that Nancy Pelosi criticized other Republicans as well, referring to Trump supporters, affiliates, and associated Republicans as "henchman."

King's primary concern was that the language Pelosi used is just as inflammatory as language she has criticized others for using. Ms. Pelosi's response was a nonchalant dismissal, suggesting that she is unaffected by how the President refers to her.

Not surprisingly, King's comments have unleashed a social media firestorm from Democratic supporters challenging her validity as well as that of the president.

Many support Pelosi's claim that Trump is unsuited for debate; others have rebuked Gayle directly, suggesting that she is unfit to conduct an interview.

Twitter users shot off at the mouth with their hate for Gayle King because she dared to criticize Pelosi:

"I guess Gayle King wanted to trend on twitter, so she was like I’ll just throw this out here… don’t waste my time Gayle go get smashed with Oprah and leave us alone."

"Gayle King is wrong. Democrats need to stop being the civil party and start coming out swinging for a change. Courtesy isn’t designed for a psychopathic opposition."

Overall, suggesting the dismissal of a debate between the presidential candidates has only fanned the flames of indignation on either side.

In questioning the capacities and legitimacy of President Trump to participate in the debate, Nancy Pelosi and supporters only seem to be delegitimizing their stake in the presidential race. In criticizing others who question the lack of consistency and composure of Democrats in their character attacks of Trump and his supporters, they further weaken their claims of being a sound and sensible alternative to the current president.

As the election season unfolds, and as the first debate approaches, we can only hope that it will serve as a real test of character and that the most apt candidate will remain standing...which we all know who that is.

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