London Scientists Create Lethal, Mutant COVID-19 Strain

The worst health crisis in over a century has devastated society. Millions of people were killed when a deadly virus leaked out of a virology lab in China. Three years after the first diagnosed case of COVID-19, the world is still trying to recover.

In all likelihood, we will never completely recover. Things will never be the same. Most people appreciate that it’s safe to resume a more normal lifestyle. However, hundreds of thousands of people still live in fear. They’re easy to spot.

These are individuals who still wear masks, outdoors, and yards away from anyone. There are those who line up to get another dose of a hastily tested and suspiciously ineffective medicine. Big Pharma continues to pocket massive profits from the COVID-19 vaccine.

But despite the total devastation that a leaked, man-made virus caused, creepy scientists are still messing around with more potent and even deadlier strains. If we’ve learned nothing else from the COVID-19 pandemic, humans messing with Mother Nature can prove lethal.

There is a growing sense that these intellectual misfits lack common sense and especially good judgment. Virologists, working under shoddy safety protocols in China, triggered a massive wave of death across the planet.

Using a heavily condemned laboratory research method called “gain-of-function,” scientists virtually turned the whole world upside down. Haven’t we learned anything? This type of obviously deadly research needs to be stopped. It needs to stop immediately.

Anyone caught performing such dangerous experiments should face the harshest of penalties. There is no room for discussion. Playing around with a deadly virus could wipe out civilization. But have they stopped?

Well, apparently not. In fact, scientists in a London lab have reportedly created a super-strain of COVID-19. This “laboratory-created” variant is potentially lethal. A leak would be worse than dropping a nuclear bomb.

One lab accident could decimate the planet. A leak of this magnitude could wipe humans off the face of the earth. How in the world is this being permitted? Why aren’t lawmakers across the planet putting an end to these stupidly dangerous experiments? Have we lost our minds?

Do officials actually believe that pharmaceutical companies will produce a saving elixir? These money-grubbing country clubbers couldn’t even produce a vaccine that did what they proclaimed it would do. Even though Big Phama’s product failed, they pocketed billions.

At the expense of the human race, are these bloated elites targeting another big payday? These dangerous experiments must end. Anyone caught must be imprisoned, both to save them from themselves and to protect the world. The penalty for putting civilization at risk must be harsh.

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