Lt. Governor Candidate Mack Miller Violently Assaulted by Security During Meeting (VIDEO)

On September 21, a committee session held at the Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas turned into a free-for-all that featured a Republican candidate getting pushed, shoved, and thrown out.

Mack Miller, a Nevada politician running for the Lieutenant Governor post, was among those manhandled by security personnel; this situation unfolded during a committee session where a public health resolution was put to a vote.

Videos of the incident have gone viral on various social networks. In one video, Mr. Miller can be seen being thrown out of the building while people yelled at the security guards and demanded that the Republican candidate, who is an African-American and war veteran, be left alone.

Another video showed a scuffle between security officers and free speech activists who attended the meeting. In the past, Mr. Miller has represented the GOP in elections to the Nevada State Assembly.

At the heart of the melee was a resolution that declares disinformation about coronavirus contagion part of the public health crisis that Clark County has endured since last year.

Those who oppose the resolution are rightfully concerned about their First Amendment rights and protections when expressing opinions about matters related to public health.

Two commissioners voted against the resolution, which ultimately passed by a margin of just one vote.

Here are the videos, but I'll give you a warning that there is some strong language in these videos.

Needless to say, it was way out of control and they should not have acted in such a violent manner.

Here's my guess though. I'll bet you that the mainstream media doesn't even touch this because it's a Republican black man. If he were a Democrat, the news outlets would be all over this story, but because he is a Republican, they won't give him the time of day. We're living in sad times today.

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