Lunatic Woman Loses It on Religious Right After Paying $98 to Fill Up Her Tank (VIDEO)

Radical liberals have a penchant for blaming everyone else for what’s wrong. Joe Biden seems to have mastered the art of redirecting blame. But one lunatic directed her anger over high gas prices at a rather bizarre group of Americans.


After spending nearly $100 to fill up her gas tank, one crazy lady launched into a maniacal tirade targeted at the religious right. The woman blasted off a series of F-bombs, one right after the other, vehemently expressing her anger over the Joe Biden-induced high gas prices.

In her emotionally imbalanced rant, she equated her $98 for a tank of gas with people who donate to save cats. We’re not sure how that analogy made sense, but then again, most of this lunatic’s rant didn’t make much sense.

The only reasonable part of this ridiculous monologue was her anger at current U.S. gas prices. The problem is that her fervent fire was misdirected. This woman, and every American struggling to choose between a few gallons of gas and food, should be calling the White House.


That’s where the “old buck stops”. The blame for historically high gas prices in America falls right at the feet of Joe Biden. His pitiful policies have triggered skyrocketing energy costs. These record prices for fuel have caused 40-year inflation records as well.

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gas hit $5.014 per gallon last week. That’s the most Americans have ever paid. But like this crazy lady who wants to blame cat lovers, Joe Biden blames everyone else, except who’s really responsible.

He’s responsible. Biden’s pitiful energy policies have driven gas prices to all-time highs. It’s being done on purpose. These policies are being purposefully used to strangle the fossil fuel industry. Radical liberals can see nothing but their “Green New Deal”.

They’ll destroy the country to attain it. A gradual shift to cleaner energy sources is a noble cause. However, the way the liberal left is going about it, it will destroy the middle class in America. But that might be just what they’re trying to do as well.


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