Man Calls 911 More Than 1000 Times, You'll Never Believe Why

One thing that I hate and that I think reveals how dumb people have become is calling 911 for every single thing.

Whenever they need police for something, they call 911. That's not what 911 was designed for.

As an example, a couple weeks ago when those women stole a hat from a little kid, he said to call 911 and his mom was ready to do so, and perhaps she did, but that's not what 911 is for. That's not an emergency and by calling them for that, they're taking resources away from actual emergencies.

But what a Tennesee man did is beyond reprehensible. He has called 911 over 1100 times since July and every single time that he called it was for a non-emergency. During one call he even asked if they wanted to buy some eggrolls.

The calls did not come from a dumb teenager during a misguided prank but from 54-year-old Memphis resident Huu Nguyen, KXAN reported. Nguyen was arrested for allegedly calling 911 about 1,171 times since July 15 with no discernible emergency. The police report, uploaded by The Smoking Gun, shows police alleged that Nguyen called 911 a total of 241 times on September 1 alone, and 32 times on September 2.

During one of the dozens of calls made on September 2, Nguyen allegedly asked 911 dispatchers if they wanted to buy some eggrolls before hanging up.

Nguyen made the calls from his personal cell phone. He was arrested outside a Memphis shopping center on Thursday and had his iPhone seized by police. He was charged with making non-emergency phone calls to 911, a misdemeanor. He was released on his own recognizance from Shelby County jail and must appear in court on November 20 for a hearing related to the charges.

You may recall earlier this year a couple incidents where one woman called police because her parents shut off her cellphone service. By the way, she was 36 years old.

Or the woman back in May who called 911 to report that her private parts were on fire and that she needed the fire department to "put it out with their hose".

This is our modern-day society. This is what we've become.

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