Man Charged With Assault Outside Trump Golf Course For Insane Reason

It seems that the law is changing in America. We were once worried about murder, battering, and assault - all dangerous crimes. Now, the bar has been lowered. It probably hit the ground.

A man was recently charged with a misdemeanor assault after he "forcefully exhaled" on two women this past weekend.

This "violent" clash happened on a Virginia golf course as Trump supporters met with Anti-Trump protesters.

There's video evidence showing a man holding a pro-Trump sign arguing with two women who demand he wears a mask. As a response, the man jokingly breathes in their direction - it seems that, in Biden's America, that would be considered assault.

“That’s assault,” one of the women says after Deskins blows on them.

“I breathed on you,” says Deskins, who was wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” shirt and had an inflatable pool toy with Trump’s likeness around his waist. “Yeah, call the cops and ask them to come get me.”

Even though the two women were disturbing the peace at President Donald Trump's golf course, Deskins, 61, was arrested, charged, and soon released on a summons.

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office put out a statement, but simply stated that since law enforcement wasn't there to witness the event and since the whole incident was not caught on video, that they could seek a citizen obtained warrant to charge the man.

Let's hope we are all still living in Trump's America come January 20th. Otherwise, we can only guess what new crimes liberals will charge patriots and sane people with.

I think we're getting down to the wire if we're going to have any hope of maintaining a Donald Trump presidency. It's not looking too promising right now, but I don't think that it's impossible that President Trump could still win the election.

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