Matt Gaetz Has PERFECT Plan for January 6 Commission After GOP Takes Control, "Don't Disband It..."

Some crazy stuff went down at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021. Due to a series of strange events, an otherwise peaceful protest about a stolen presidential election turned chaotic. It was unfortunate. People were hurt. Five people died.

However, the radical left and their puppets in the corrupt mainstream media have tried to paint January 6 as a so-called “assault on American democracy.” To hear a progressive Democrat tell the story, January 6 was a “full-blown insurrection.” It wasn’t.

In fact, it may be one of the biggest miscarriages of justice in U.S. history. Because of the chaos that ensued, hundreds of innocent people were arrested. Many still sit in jail awaiting trial. Some have entered pleas to avoid costly attorney fees to defend themselves.

The majority committed the same crime; unlawfully entering the Capitol, or misdemeanor trespass. Sure, some overstepped the boundaries of sensible protest. These people may have violated certain federal laws. They should be forced to answer for their actions.

However, the majority of those jailed did nothing more than follow the crowd. Nevertheless, the progressive left has pushed their “threat to democracy” narrative. It’s a sham. One reason they’ve been able to promote their false accusations is a reluctance to show all the evidence.

The January 6 commission, a sham in its own right, has failed to show the American people all the available video. Many experts believe that the full exposure of all the evidence will prove a darker twist to what happened on January 6, 2021.

Some insist that federal agents orchestrated the whole riotous ordeal. If “ALL the video footage” from January 6 were to be released, there may be some very damning evidence seen by the American people. One U.S. congressman is demanding the footage be released.

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz says this release should happen on the very first day that Republicans retake control of the House. Some Republicans are calling for the January 6 commission to be disbanded. Gaetz insists that the opposite needs to happen.

Gaetz tweeted, “On our first day of Republican control of the House of Representatives, we should take over the @January6thCmte and release every second of footage that will exonerate our Patriots!”

Like others, Gaetz’s tweet suggests that he believes full video footage will show evidence of a stark difference between what liberals have been telling the American people and the truth. This was never an insurrection.

This was the left, taking advantage of people who were upset that a presidential election was manipulated and most likely stolen. Many were unaware of the laws against unlawful entry into the U.S. Capitol.

Ignorance of the law isn’t a viable excuse. But a full release of the video from January 6 will show that these people were egged on. Likewise, that is not fully defensible. But the footage will show enough reasonable doubt to prove this was nothing close to an insurrection.

In fact, the video may prove that the whole charade was a fabricated production to smear patriotic conservatives. The primary target was always President Donald Trump. Matt Gaetz is correct. The January 6 commission should not be disbanded.

The committee should be rebuilt with a true bipartisan team, not the liberal, kowtowing clan that’s currently in place. Finally, the commission should release ALL evidence, not just that which supports the left's bogus narrative. Americans will be very shocked by what they see.

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