Medical Journal Calls Women ‘Bodies with Vaginas.’ Social Media Unleashes Hell

A world-respected medical publication, The Lancet, published an article earlier this month exploring aspects of the female reproductive process. They specifically reviewed an exhibition at the Vagina Museum in London, England. Yes, such an institution does exist.

However, to remain open-minded, we entertained the story as having medical merit, but then came the shocker. The writer does frequently employ the word women throughout, but there was one startling reference to the fairer sex as “bodies with vaginas”.

Paraphrasing the writer, the article boasted that the physical phenomenon of bodies with vaginas had been grossly ignored for centuries. As you might imagine, this all gets wrapped neatly in another woke-culture movement.

Somehow, the fact that the female species has a menstrual cycle is now taboo for discussion. Biological sex can no longer be scientifically discussed. If you talk about a woman having her period, you are a discriminating thug.

Sometimes, we have to scratch our heads and ask if this is all really happening. Well, the idea of bodies with vaginas is in full print to reassure everyone that wokeism truly is a reality. It seems insane to think that referring to women as bodies with vaginas isn’t the ultimate in dehumanization.

One famous British actress gave her two pounds worth of opinion in a three-word quote, “Seriously, F*** off!” Other quotes about the article correctly questioned the mental stability of anyone who would clear such a story for publication.

Even the medical field seems to have gone mad. We can appreciate that a liberal woke culturist might find consolation in this ironic description of women, but anyone with common sense would think otherwise.

We certainly have to realize the brevity of the situation when even well-respected medical professionals jump on the woke bandwagon. This story does accomplish one thing. It proves the woke culture truly has gone mad.

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