Mentally Ill Man Fakes Being a Disabled Teen to Fulfill Sick Fetish

There’s no denying that some are just sicker than others. Certainly, mental illness should be looked upon with compassion and pity. However, sometimes the antics of mentally challenged people become “emotionally challenging” to those who deal with them.

These antics become even more disturbing when they cross the line of common decency. One Louisiana man is a prime example of how much mental illness healthcare professionals often must handle. Rutledge Deas IV is clearly a mentally disturbed individual.

The 31-year-old from Metairie, Louisiana is also a sick pervert. Recently, Deas was booked into the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. He was charged with one count of human trafficking. However, the actual charge doesn’t explain the story accurately.

It’s also not the first time Deas has been arrested for pulling the same vile prank. Deas’ human trafficking arrest was because he tried to lure a healthcare worker to his home to change his diaper.

He claims to be a disabled teenager in need of medical assistance. He’s neither a teenager nor in need of assistance, other than intense mental health counseling. Reports show that Deas tried the same stunt back in November 2019.

Deas posts false social media ads requesting healthcare assistance for an 18-year-old disabled person. His request proves he’s an extremely disturbed man. Deas wants his adult diaper changed. He doesn’t need anything even close.

Pretending to be a disabled person, Deas gets a “ѕexuаl rise” out of the act. He fakes being disabled. Furthermore, he fakes his age and his name. To procure his perverted enjoyment, Deas uses a fake name, Cory.

One healthcare worker became suspicious. After charges were filled, and he was arrested, Deas plead guilty. Oddly enough, he was sentenced to only probation for his perverted crime. Now, we do not advocate for a lengthy jail sentence for mentally ill people like Rutledge Deas.

However, this individual requires more than a few months of probation. Rutledge Deas is a sick person. He needs to be institutionalized. Normal individuals who are emotionally balanced do not pretend to be 18-year-old disabled teenagers to solicit ѕexual arousal.

There is a definition for this type of sick behavior. It is an act by a ѕexual perv who needs heavy mental health intervention. Unfortunately, the court in this instance failed both the victims and Rutledge Deas IV.

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