Michigan Auto Worker in Viral Video Speaks Out On Being Attacked By Biden

Fox and Friends interviewed the autoworker, Jerry Wayne, who has now become a name overnight after a video went viral of his interation with Joe Biden when he came to visit them in Michigan.

Jerry Wayne told Fox and Friends, “He took my question and I don’t think he was ready for it… I also asked him how he was going to get the vote of the working man when a lot of us yield arms. We bear arms and we like to do that… It’s a little bit disturbing to see a politician wants to take away my right to defend myself."

Ainsley Earhardt then asked Wayne, "So which Joe Biden to you believe?"

Wayne responded,"Uh, the one who wants to take my guns… He doesn’t need to touch anybody’s weapons at all."

The incident was a very heated one after Wayne had asked Biden about what he has said in the past about the Second Amendment and how he wants to take away guns from law-abiding citizens, even going so far as putting Beto O'Rourke in charge.

“You’re full of sh**!” Biden flat out tells the man, getting right in his face and pointing his finger.

“I support the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment, just like right now if you yell fire, that’s not free speech. I have a shotgun…my sons hunt. I’m not taking your guns away at all.”

Biden went on to call the worker a “horse’s a**,” told him that “you don’t need an AR-14” (apparently referring to the common weapon, the AR-15), and then threatening to slap” the man in the face.

Biden also take a moment to talk about the “AR-14,” calling it a “machine gun” and claiming it holds “100 rounds.”

Does he really think that these people are buying that garbage that he's trying to sell them?

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