Michigan Witness Speaks Out, Saw the Biden Ballot Dump at 4 AM and Witnessed Officials Tampering with Tabulators! (VIDEO)

As of this moment, hundreds - if not thousands of people have come forward to testify by sworn affidavits that there was election fraud committed at the beginning of the month in the election.

Nearly all of these witnesses have said that it happened right in front of them.

Add to this list, Articia Bomer in Michigan. She came forward regarding the fraud in Detroit while she was working at the TCF Center on Election Day as well as the day after.

Bomer describes:

  • Hearing an announcement of 50 boxes at 4am: the Biden Ballot Dump!
  • Hearing that the Biden Ballot Dump was counted and processed in an impossibly short amount of time
  • Witnessing officials TAMPERING with tabulators at the TCF Center!
  • Ballot harvesting operations being done by a local Church
  • Poll workers overriding the actual votes, and changing Trump votes to BIDEN!
  • Poll workers REFUSING TO COUNT Trump votes!
  • Poll workers bringing in luggage and boxes that could have contained illegal ballots
  • Poll Workers using deceitful tactics and colluding with Democrats to try and EXPEL GOP Poll Challengers
  • GOP Poll Challengers being EJECTED from observing the vote count
  • GOP Poll Challengers were observing ILLEGAL BALLOTS and their objections were IGNORED
  • Poll workers being obvious Democrat PARTISANS
  • Suspicious meetings of the poll workers

Even if President Trump ends up losing this election because they can't prove the fraud in sufficient time, my hope is that going forward, this country will be able to have safe and secure elections.

The fact that we're even going through this mess right now is a testimony to the corruption that is prevalent in our democracy. If we can't stop these dishonest elections, we're going to head down a path that none of us is ready for. It must happen now or never, and I'm hopeful that this really is about to happen now.

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