Midwestern Public Schools Teaching Children Radical Left Ideology to Convince Them of White Supremacy

Another week has come and gone and another reason has presented itself to take your kids out of the government-controlled public school system that is undermining parental authority and destroying the proper morals of our children.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we're seeing a correlation between liberalism and younger age groups. I mostly attribute this to public schools brainwashing our children with liberal, Marxist, and anti-American ideas.

Now in Springfield, Missouri, public schools are brainwashing them with the latest propaganda that calling the police is a "white supremacist" act, as is saying "Make America Great Again."

They have also created what they are calling the "Oppression Matrix" which outlines how white, male, straight, wealthy, able-bodied, protestant Christian adults are the most privileged group of people.


You can see that they altered the original by comparing it to the one below.


They refuse to admit that people are biologically any gender.

Look, black people are no more special than anyone else just because they're black. They are not exempt from having the police called on them or anything else just because they're black.

Here's the thing that no one seems to talk about or discuss...maybe, just maybe black people get the cops called on them more, get put in prison more, etc. because they engage in more criminal behavior than any other group of people.

Mind-blowing I know, but according to the Department of Justice and the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 52.5% of all homicides are committed by black people. This isn't racist. This is the sad reality.

What makes the statistic worse is that black people only represent 13.4% of the total population of the United States.

Another thing that they have going on is a statement that forced the children to acknowledge that we are living on stolen land that belongs to them.

If they really believed what they're claiming, then they would get rid of their homes and land and give it to the Natives that they're claiming it was taken from. But you know that they're not going to do that.

Photo Credit: Upstateherd

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